one kind of heair

hey guys i just need some profesional help what kind of heair i should pick up for rehair a maniac r.

thanks to all for the nice advises :slight_smile:

I think that camel top hair is the easiest to work with, but it is very course. It’s easy to style too, and probably the cheapest.
The best would be Mohair if you can get it. Not sure if coppermoose has it or not. But mohair, from what I hear, is more difficult to work with, and you have to hand-dye it to what colour you want. BUT, it looks and feels great, and is easy to style.
Hope that helps a bit!!

If you’ve never done any hair work, I’d suggest camel top. It’s the easiest to work with for someone just starting out and it’s cheap. I’d also suggest not using a Maniac as your first mask to rehair :axe: