One's Customs Hobo Myers! Youtube vid added page 3

To me from One’s Customs. Been waiting everyday for this one to arrive!!! I’ve already ordered a glass case to put him in!! Be on the lookout for thousands on pics when it arrives!! LOL! I’ve been bugging the hell out of him everyday and he has been great to deal with!!!

Hobo Myers! Here’s a pic he sent yesterday!

now that sweet bro, congrats, how do i get a hold of one’s customs?

That’s awesome man! Congrats! :supz:

dude that thing is EVIL. make sure you post some pics right away

Looks awesome!!

I have a Hobo Myers, unmasked Hobo Myers, Bloody Myers, H9 Myers, and an Escape Myers on the way from him.

He does amazing work and is awesome to deal with. I’ll post pics also.

Here’s a little better pic! I can’t wait to get it and post thousands of pics!

Cool! Can’t wait to see them!! I’ve got a few surprises coming from him also!



Holy crap is that the same figue just w an alternate Head, that thing is Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet :rock:

Yep! That’s my alternate unmasked head! I can’t quit looking at the pics!!! I should have it by the end of this week!

That looks so sick man!!! Can’t wait to get mine too!!!

Fucken sweet bro
I’ve been wanting one of those for a minute now
but cant afford one at the moment, those damn hobo’s are worth almost like a car payment too damn much but fuck are they kick ass!

Congrats man :smiley:

That guy does amazing work, just when you think you have seen the best someone comes along and sets the record straight…incredible figure. People should look this guy up on Youtube he has some full on great stuff.

Here’s a vid of the completed figure!!! It is on the mail on the way to me right now!! Should be here tomorrow or Saturday!!

wow that is UNBELIEVEABLE!!!
How much did you pay or how much does one charge?

Arrived today!! Here he is with the bloody head! More pics on the way!

Here’s the half mask hobo!


wow dude great pick up…tommy