there’s only 87 days 'till HALLOWEEN! what are you guys planning to do? :finga: :axe:

ive been making animatronics for my haunted house and buying more masks :rock:

I’m planning on enjoying the anticipation for a few months and not counting the days! It’s here and gone fast enough already! I can’t say that Nov 1st is a bad day because I know that it’s a lot of peoples B days and anniversaries and such. But it’s a depressing day for the me! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I’m gonna dress up as RZH1 Myers and walk around town at night…scare the crap outta the kiddies, hahaha

Agreed… Nov 1st is always sad for me, as I know I have a whole year until my favorite season comes around again.

This year I look forward to NOT throwing a Halloween party! The last 2 years have been so hectic, prepping for the party, decorating, costume prep for the night, and then the crushing disappointment as so many don’t show up and my night is left useless. This year I am walking around in my H78 downtown for the “Trail of Treaters”, and then I am going to a party. Should be nice and comfortable this year, so I can savor it. :drinkers:

I’ll be roaming around my neighborhood like I did last year, except this year I’ll be wearing my DP 06 that I painted myself, not that $10 piece of crap mask :laughing: .

Post some pics of it! I just repainted my DP 06 to look like the part 2 “blood tears” mask

Im going to enjoy feeling the season change & enjoy watching the leaves change colors & im really going to enjoy feeling the weather get grayer & cooler with the breeze that comes during that time of year. They close off the street’s out in Hollywood (Sunset & Vine area) & the streets get packed with scantly clad girls & ghouls, ghosts, drinks & smoke filled air that’s not cigarette smoke…It’s always fun times during Halloween.

That does sound nice, Paul! Lucky you!

Haha very nice guys, i didnt even answer myself. Ill probably go on a “Halloween Marathon” although i recently just watched H1, H4, H5, and H6. :rock: :rock: i also hope ill get my hands on a Myers mask to walk around the neighborhood!

Im dressing up like RZ young Michael and scaring the hell out of some people :mrgreen: (hopefully) People now a days don’t seem that scared of Michael Myers or Jason or ect. anymore :frowning: Most people are just scared of clowns. :unamused: