Original Halloween Poster

Question Guys and gals about how many “Original” version Halloween movie posters were made? I know the pumpkin with carving knife was original in 78 then came back in 79 by NSS. I’ve seen posters with Myers standing over the staircase as a poster and one that featured Myers with Knife and it said “Halloween 2 nights only October 30th and 31st”. Any knowledge about this would be much appreciated.

The one with Myers standing over the staircase was from Austrailia, seen here.

The pumpkin knife poster is the US 1-sheet and was issued twice. The original, short-run release had a blue ratings box. The re-issue in '79 had a white one. Beyond that, there are at least a dozen additional Halloween posters from different countries. Donnie has a fantastic collection of them.

Thanks for the info. I did see his collection on here not all that long ago within the past year I think. Awesome collection. Think he said he might have one of those pre released posters like the one I was talking about. 2 nights only October 30th and 31st

I’ve been trying to get a UK quad poster of Halloween… but will have to pay in the region of £300-£400 for one :frowning: I like the Australian Daybill, might have to get one of them.

dont know if this is any use, not original obviously :laughing: not bad for the price tho
would like the “daybill” meself, anybody any idea how much they run for?


nice poster iv not got that version :axe:

I think this is the poster you are referring to. Malek Akkad gave me this back in 2006.

too cool guys!