Original Halloween VHS?

does anyone know the original VHS release date for halloween?

It was either '80 or '81 by Meda (not Media).

i’m wondering because i picked up an 81 version by media for $2.50 and i didn’t know when it was released originally.

I have an original Media (Media Home Entertainment Inc.) VHS here that has 1982 on the sticker. This was the first one I am aware of to hit Australia. However I do know I saw Halloween in either 79’ or 80’ on VHS, its 30 years ago so I could be wrong?

i’ve seen a few in the big clamshell box but not very many. i don’t know what the date on them is.

Mine is in the original clamshell package and though old and the plastic has yellowed and is very brittle it still looks great.
I have seen original cardboard/paper packages as well from the early 80’s.

really? cool. thanks.