Painted a test mask jsut need advice?

Hi I used a dry brush on a painted mask I had lying around. An old crappy mask don post 2008 just to test it out. If I just use straight acrylic the paint feels sort of dry l ike a painted wall a very rough feeling. How can you make I make it more thin and elasticy? do I have to mix it with a tiny bit of water and latex? Any advice?


What I was told was equal parts water, paint, and liquid latex.

does it have to be distilled water?

So let me get this straight. water latex and the acrylic colour all equal drops/ amounts?

Mix the paint with liquid latex, No water!

i tried latex with paint and it was way too thick:( t was gumming up when brushing on. Anyone else experience this?

Did you do 50/50 latex and paint? Its happen to me before, most of the time the brush is no good afterwards but I have heard keeping the brush in very soapy water helps.

No never tried this!

You ever try using paint sponges like Michael sells instead of a paint brush? They work better for me then the brushes, depending on what I’m painting.

One last question! For the small holes in the chin area is there a way to fill them up with latex to close up those holes?


A fine pointed brush and a dot of liquid latex for the holes. As for the mixture for painting. Thin the paint just enough with water to where it feels good to you. Then mix 50/50 with latex and you are good.

Varnish is what makes the surface feel soft.

One last thing is there a special paint to use for a latex mask or would regular acrylic work? The is a company called monster that makes latex mask pain is this any different than the dollar store paint in the tubes for art pairing acrylics?

You can use just about any acrylic ink you will find at local hobby stores like Michael’s, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby, etc. Stick with the matte paints and not the glossy ones. Pick up liquid latex online. You can use the stuff from Spirit or Halloween City. Or you can look into higher quality latex. But keep in mind, you want the thinner liquid latex, not the stuff used for pulling masks from molds. a 50/50 mix of paint and latex is the correct ratio, but you can thin it down using distilled water if desired. Don’t use tap water – too many things in there may not play nicely with the latex. A gallon of distilled will go a LONG way.

In the alternative, you can order specialty latex paints from Monster Makers of from Justin Mabry. Both of those paints are already acrylic/latex mixes and can be used straight out of the bottle. They are somewhat pre-thinned as well.