Pics of all my RZ Mask's!

Q.O.T.S Buried with new hair style!!!

PsychopatH2 from the PropShop

PsychopatH2 EXPOSED from the PropShop

Psychopath V3 from the PropShop

Xombie from KreationX

Those are some badass pic you got there man.

No fish eyes so your good

Thanks guys aprreciate it…I cant believe how slow the RZ section has been lately this is the slowest ive seen it

Nice man ur burieds new hair style nails it finally u styled that That collection is amazing :rock:

NICE :drinkers:

These are great! The quality of burieds and The Propshop is incredible. And you’re right, the RZ Halloween section has been a ghost town lately.

Thanks man. Yes it has after Christmas it stalled like crazy! hopefully it will get moving again