Pics of the day 1/04 - 1/05

Welp, I didn’t see a POTD thread today, so I suppose we can squeeze as many as we can until midnight and continue over! Let’s see em!

I WANNA SEE THIS :smiling_imp:

i’m officially jealous, doesn’t get any better than an Ultimate III

God bless

And God bless this Pic! :rock: :rock:

KILLER KLOWNS!!! :astonished: I thought me and my brother were the only people that like that movie!! :mrgreen: It’s a cheesy idea to film but it’s sooo cheesy that it’s awesome :rock:

Some non Myers mask additions. Enjoy and great pics everyone

This is the best BT painting I’ve ever seen, thank you Mark :rock:

I finally landed this piece. It is near and dear to me although not accurate to the disease course (there’s the nerd coming out, lol). The little worm looking creature is a representation of a filovirus in the shepherd’s crook position. Basically, the component that causes Ebolavirus
Ebola Bro by Lee Romaire

The D’oh with updated paint job. Brad did some upgrades and it looks fantastic. The bloody doughnut was my fiance’s idea.

I think I’ve showed the Psycho Tramer before but I put a new Mark Crow painting there and it brought the corner to life. What a fantastic compliment. When the lights dim, it looks very lifelike to say the least.

Thanks for looking :mrgreen: :smiley:

nice collection matt!~ :slight_smile:

Thanks Mark. I encourage everyone to contact Mark. You will highly regret not owning his work. No matter how the many digital pics you take of his work, in person…well it is 2nd to none. Anything horror, Mark’s your ticket. :drinkers: :drinkers: :rock: :rock: