Pics of the Past and Present, Not For Dail Up

_Here are some pics from my bucket. Past and Present Masks I use to own…Post your Past and Present

NAG AHG H78 One of the first 5 made by Mike (Past)

Original CGP Warlock. One of the first runs (Past)

HSS McCain Shape 08

HSS Shape H2

Various NightOwl Maniacs Ive owned (pick your poison)
N.O. Mayhem Maniac (My 1st copy)

N.O. Maniac (2nd Maniac I owned)

N.O. Maniac (Small Version)My 3rd copy

N.O Maniac (This is one of the first 5 Maniacs ever made) My 4th copy I use to own.

The 5th Maniac I use to own…lol. (Past)

N.O. NM78 Returns (Past)

Second Stab Master Copy (Miss this one)

NAG H78 Redone by GhastlyPro. (One of the first rehauls of the H78)

ROT Promo copy (Opening Night RZ Halloween)

KH SLE 4 (really miss this one, Id give anything to get it back)

Second Stab Copy #15 JC Rehaul (Present)


Wow! That was a lot to look at. Good stuff. :slight_smile:

Lol, Thats not even close to all of them.

The KH’ is special, and from what i can gather your a Maniac Freak :mrgreen: :drinkers:

Sweet, Matt. Im going to wait as im not trying to follow those shots lol.

Ive owned my share thats for sure.

I hear ya Paul. Its all good. Post yours up bud.

Some old school goodies in there!

The one mask I miss the most… If you’ve seen it, LET ME KNOW!!
My first 05 Psycho :cry:

With a VERY early run Warlock…

If that’s not effing awe inspiring…

Good lord Matt, I think my brain lapsed from all that Maniac intake in the middle there.

It can most certainly be said that you have owned some very sweet masks, Matt. Thanks for the pics.


Thanks Everyone. Yeah Ive owned some good stuff and wish I could get most of them back. I did save the best for last. IMO it doesnt get much better than that LRJC Second Stab

i think i have a latex boner… :cry:
insane stuff!

Wow Matt! :open_mouth: Some real beauties there and a couple of those Maniacs are THE BEST of of show!

I have to say that Second Stab JC redone, a certain Maniac (of the FIVE :laughing: ) and the SLE are unbeatable! Good to see you ended the post with the best Stab I’ve ever seen and it’s still in your possession.

As Paul said, I’ll post later…NO WAY can I touch those pics!!!

Beautiful maniacs and that last stab rocks, but whatcha doin postin my H78 :wink: Seriously thanks for posting those, there’s a few I hadn’t seen before. Really got a kick out of this one :sunglasses:

Awesome. I had know idea you owned it now. I thought Frankie did. Its a very Creepy mask.
Thanks glad yall like them.

Ya I got it from Frankie a while ago. One of my favorite Myers.

It’s very safe to say you have owned some of the very best Myers masks there are to own, thats for sure. I love your Maniacs, all of them, If I could get my hands on one, just one of those beauties… I would be very happy, lol. The Warlock was also Fresh, and your Second Stab’s both past, and present are breathtaking. Amazing pics btw Matthew, you used the lighting perfectly in the pics, thanks for sharing them brother. …ANDY

You’ve certainly obtained some beautys over the yrs Matt.
The #5 Maniac is still getting well cared for here man, it’s actually the mask I’ve owned the longest in my collection.
You took better shots of it then I ever could.
Thanks for sharing man…oh…I WANT THAT STAB! let me know if you ever decide to part with it brudda.

Matt that Stab is unreal son. And oooooohhhh all those Maniac’s!!!

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: great post, dude! these photos are fantastic. lots of them i haven’t seen yet before! you have owned some great pieces.