Piece of THE HEDGE (+other souvenirs) + The Exorcist Movie Mold Regan Bust (Blank)

I have a piece of the hedge from South Pasadena that I snatched in 2008. I think it’s a pretty unique piece. Will let it go for $50.00 shipped.

I also have a bunch of other souvenirs and trinkets taken from various filming locations in and around South Pasadena. These include:

-Leaf from the tree near the porch of the Strode house
-Tree bark from Highland Street, South Pasadena - “Speed kills!”
-Tree bark from the Wallace house tree – the one the Shape touches and hides behind while watching Annie
-Some grass from the Doyle house
-Piece of sidewalk that Laurie walks on outside the Strode house
-Piece of sidewalk from Montrose Ave that Laurie and Annie walk on before seeing the Shape behind the hedge
-Some grass from the original Myers house location on Meridian Ave before it was moved to Mission St. (obviously not from the same lawn)
-Small branch from a tree on Kersting Court in Sierra Madre, CA – used in both H2 and H3 for the scenes where the Shape walks toward the hospital and Dr. Challis makes a phone call to his wife, respectively.
-Piece of sidewalk from the path leading up to the front door of the Myers house from Halloween (2007)
-Loose piece of mortar taken from one of the walls of the church in The Fog (1980)

If you want all of these PLUS the piece of the hedge, I’ll let them all go for $85.00 shipped or make an offer.

Resin Regan Bust from the movie mold with human hair. I stripped the paint off with only minor paint residue remaining in the crevices. When I bought it, it was stark white with bright purple wounds! The surface is smooth and ready for a repaint. $50 shipped in U.S.

This has gone to eBay but will sell here as long as there are no bids.

By the way, this mounts really well to a wall with heavy duty picture hanging strips like these: https://www.staples.ca/en/Command-Picture-Hanging-Strips/product_SS2014526_1-CA_1_20001