Poll: slasher vs jerk

Title says it all, which do you prefer? Nightowl Slasher, or James Tiernan’s Jerk.

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The Slasher.

Justin always manages to capture the essence of The Shape in all his best work, even if not absolutely 100% accurate to the 75 Kirk, which it doesn’t need to be to become a great mask.

Jerk for me 100%. I love the sculpt

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Slasher. Jerk just seems like another Kirk you can get from anyone.

Slasher 100%

I prefer the Jerk mask :ok_hand:

Slasher = the 1978 mask now at spirit Halloween. Is it my eyes or this is accurate?

Before I even read your post I was just thinking how the new H78 looks a lot like his Slasher sculpt. Not 100% identical, but it’s very close to the same type of sculpt. Justin must of had that in mind when he sculpted the H78. It’s very similar.

I like them both but the slasher wins for me.

Both are great, but The Jerk wins. I hope the new owner of the master does it justice.


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If you look at the pics of the Slasher, you can see where he started from with the 2018.

Jerk, no contest.

Both great masks in their own way to be honest
The Jerk was made to look like the hero whereas the Slasher was meant to be a generic, but cool boogeyman mask.

Both are great. Who bought the jerk rights?

Ther jerk. I’d love to see a jerk finished by JC

Now the mold is owned by Rowland Kelly

Oh very cool, he does great work