Post an AHG piece-

Let’s see some All Hallows magic :rock: :rock: :rock:

NAG/AHG 75K (Kirk conversion)

Wish i had atleast 1 to show here, but i’m stuck with just JC’s haha, Awesome pieces brother! :wink:

Thanks man, appreciate it. Those JCs of yours are special copies without a doubt.

Any more AHGs?

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AHG 75K (New mold)

My new mold ahg 75k

And some of my ahg h78 kirk deluxe

NAG/AHG 75K #2

Here’s my 2 AHG pieces. My AHG/99 Shatner signed by William Malone, Don Post jr., AHG, Sam Mcain, Derren Perks Black latex, original mold, Billy Kirkus copy, and the famous Special Edition AHG/NAG 5/5 special edition Kirk H78 which was made for Owner Derek, went to Frankie, Jimmy, Kaizu who I bought it from.

AHG Nightstalker #11

Fantastic stuff guys :rock: :rock: :rock:

Nice. I dig that one. Would love to see a couple worns if you have some.

Agreed, I don’t never liked the nightstalker but this one is something special :drinkers:

Only 8 AHG scores, c’mon guys…post those beauties, I know they’re out there :drinkers:

Here’s some of mine…




AHG Nightstalker #3

AHG NAG Mint 75 #2 Original run.

AHG NAG 75K Supreme

AHG NAG 98 Proto Cast

Those are some truly outstanding masks you have. I am especially loving those HMKs though. They are just top notch, perfect looking. :tonqe:

That’s endgame scores right there Simon! Now THOSE are HMK’s! That 98 is one in a million dude! Love your worns some of the best on the board :rock:

Gotta agree Si…that 98 (75k) is something special, what a beaut :drinkers: :drinkers: :drinkers:

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