First off let me start by saying Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to everyone, I hope everyone enjoyed their time with family and friends if possible. Now on to the reason for this post, feel free to share any cool Myers related gifts you got this year. I’ll start off with my NAG PS78 Special with my new Halloween mask stand.

Awesome score brother! Planning on having one soon myself. Happy Holidays! Christmas is a awesome time of year :rock:

You’re going to love it man, it’s a beast of a mask for sure.




Nice score man, is that the KHU H1 ?


Well my Wife got me the H2 Loomis and Laurie two pack figures for Christmas. Very impressed with these figures. :rock:

Great score Mike! Congrats buddy :rock: :pumpkin:

Well, wow! You must have a very good wife. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah she knew what she was getting herself into on the first day she met me lol! She married me and now we have a son, so while it sounds cliche, I consider myself lucky :smiley: :rock:

Thanks Jay! :rock: :drinkers:

Nice score! My PS78 is being made right now by Nik

Very cool! :rock:

Grabbed these for myself lol

Is that the 12" figure on the left? Alot of reflection going on so I caaaaan’t quiiiite tell :mrgreen:

Haha! Yep that’s it bud​:wink::jack_o_lantern:

Very nice then :myers:

Thanks I like it! Gonna probably keep it boxed up for collectors sake. If I can…lol

My lady got me this bad boy for Christmas!

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