Post your Cinema Secrets

Hey everyone. I’m thinking of purchasing a Cinema Secrets from the store. Can people please post some pics if anyone has a copy.

i bought this a while back. I dont know if the one your looking at it already white or painted grey, but mine was light grey and i rubbed the paint off and trimmed the neck. You can see how long the neck was before i trimmed it.

i painted the eyebrows back on

Deluxe on Left and 1 of 1000 right…

I got this one a while ago too. I don’t think the one’s out now look the the older ones. Here’s mine tho. I will also be trimming the neck and I already trimmed the hair but not in this pic.

i think the ones they sell are the economy version, which isnt what the picture shows, the pics above are the deluxe and 1/1000. the one i THINK youll be getting will be the “economy” seen in the gallary…
just a heads up

Why do people trimm the necks on the CS H8’s? they are suppose to be that long like in the film, Gatta remember CS made the SU masks…

Yep thanks for the heads up.

Vader if you look at my pic you can kinda see the shaded line of where the neck line should be. Its not a whole lot but it makes a big difference.

Love the H8’s

oh i see, but most usually trim to the point where there is no flare at the bottom, just like Nickdcoxe2008’s copy.