Post your Collection of CHRISTMAS Past

I thought this would be a cool little trip down memory lane for our collections(some of them painful ones). Only post masks that you DO NOT have in your possession. I wanna do another thread after Christmas to see what the CHRISTMAS Present collection shots look like :slight_smile: :tonqe:

I miss soo many of these babies :cry: Hope they are nice and warm by someones fireplace this year :drinkers:

*I still have the H20 but all the rest are in new homes this year :neutral_face:

My Mint 75 and my SE Warlock…I miss these masks soooo much :cry: :cry: :cry: I totally regret selling them. Luckily I have another SE Warlock, and others to replace them :smiley:


over the years…

(various masks not pictured)

This was around Christmas of last year - man I miss that Nightmare!

OMG Puckface, you look like a huge Jason fan. Nice colletions u had there

don’t worry that H5 Don Shanks is in good hands :sunglasses:

Post a pic of it :tonqe: :wink:

:sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Here’s your old GCP H6

Looks great. Glad he got a friend next to him :rock:

wow I have 2 masks I no longer own in this thread with new owner pics. Thats a rare treat lol. That H6 was a sick mask. I plan on gettin a SSN h6 but they dont pop up often :frowning: