Post Your First Mask

Most of us here have multiple Myers masks, but where did your collection start? Other than a 2006 Don Post my first Myers mask was a Killing Machine by Cemetery Gate Productions. Post some Pics of your first masks!

CGP Warlock S.E.
I believe it was a very early run.

By the way…the date on that picture is from when I took pics to sell it on Ebay.I bought that mask in like 2000-2001?

My first mask was DP and i have no pictures of it. I got it in 99 i think. But my first Indie mask was a Nemi Tramer…

And thanks to MakeShift Productions it now looks like this…

Much better :sunglasses:


My first mask, Pre, paint conversion by me:

Post - My 2nd mask, but first Indie mask:

My first few Myers:


Converted DP



My 1st mask was a DeathStalker75 from MMP that took forever to get (was supposed to be a Samhain - but several know & share the MMP experience.) After that it was an '05 CGP Warlock:

Cool Stuff everyone. It’s neat to see where we all started.
I’ll share my first 4 Myers Masks because they mean the most to me.

MMP Samhain I paid $60 for on Ebay and I thought that was a LOT of money :laughing:
I no longer own it (on the left).

About a month later I got this CGP Killing Machine on Ebay for $30 :open_mouth: I no longer own it.

Two Weeks after that, I paid $35 for this CGP Killing Machine on Ebay. I just saw it on Ebay last week being sold from the guy I sold it to for $350.

Then about a six months after that I got this Tagged CGP St. Nick off of…you guessed it Ebay for $24 :open_mouth: Man…those days are long gone. I still own this one :smiley:

hah cool thread. some of you guys didnt start off half bad.
my very first mask was a 97 don post which i still got although i need to get a pic of it after i redone it.

secondly i thought i was getting a Maniac which turned out to be a recast. this too is a pic before i redone it.

now 3rd time was a charm. my 3rd mask was a great H78 from Nik which i still have.

My first Myers was an Evilution that I got off Ebay.
Evilution - A.JPG
Evilution - Halloween 05 B.jpg