Post your Most missed Myers

I havnt seen one of these done in a while but post the myers you regret getting rid of the most . For me it was my H78 converted by Mr.James Carter to me this WAS the hero . I had to sell it sadly due to actual finacial reasons last year around the holiday seasons .

I still look at this pics I had taken of it and get chills from this one and I would honestly say if I could get the chance to get it back and had the money and even had to pay a little more then what I sold it for I would

:cry: This is my dream mask, the cooolest myers mask ever in my opinion: JC 99 Shatner H2 ‘‘coke scene’’
Well . . . :mrgreen: I’m really happy with my other H2 :sunglasses:


I feel for you… that is one amazing mask, such a shame you had to sell it… hope it went to a good home.

beautiful… simply beautiful…

Too many that I loved equally,but here is a couple that came to mind right away :frowning: :frowning:
My #6 St. Nick repainted by Bry at Masket Case :open_mouth:

NAG Screen Used 2

Mine is my Warlock S.E, that I sold so that I could buy a… NAG American Werewolf In London (Transformation mask) !! I luv the werewolf mask…don’t get me wrong, Nik did a bang up job on it, as he always does…but I still miss my Warlock !!! Here is a pic …