Question about a mask..

So I just realized in all my years of collecting, I have no clue who made the mask known as “silent rage” or silent rage 2… Can anyone shed light? Just was looking at it in the gallery, and it doesn’t have an artist listed who made it. Been collecting since 2008 and I somehow do not know who made it haha. Someone assist if possible ? [emoji1]

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After a little digging I found a member here named Cride3332 (Corey) did this, it is an original sculpt in fact. Similar to concept to the AHG78 by Mike. Completely ground up no lifecast no reference from what I found. Hope this helps and I’m sure other members can fill in more.

Thank you sir :slight_smile: I greatly appreciate it

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Yeah those masks were made by Corey Ridings. I believe they were ground up original sculpts. Pretty limited run on those if I’m not mistaken. I owned a 2.0 and loved it. Such a mean looking mask!

I would definitely love to get my hands on one…

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Yeah both versions are hard to find, especially the original Silent Rage, only around 5 or so made, here is mine :rock:

Ah very nice brother…is that the 1.0?

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Thanks man, yes it is :smiley:

I don’t believe either are original sculpts. I was told they are retooled recasts of the Sean Clark Kirk recast.


Now that you mention it I definitely see it. Especially the Silent Rage 1.0.

That’s a cool mask, mtlongy…it has a KH/DW look to it.

Both mask were were original sculpts. They were not recasts or retooled. Sean Clark’s mask was used as a reference as well as several pics.