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Rob Zombies new H3 !!! Ireally do not understand how he will make a movie with no Michael. I am sure that everyone of us have seen H2 i personally think that Michael died at the End or did i have understand something wrong ??? And now i do not understand how Michael return from the Dead. He is Michael but i hate it that Michael die and then at the next movie they do the scene again but make it so that Michael wasnt shot he just lay down XD. I hope that RZ don`t ruine the Awesomeness of Michael Myers.

Please tell me what you think !!!

h3 is under a new dictor and michael will be in it for damn sure rob got kicked off since a protetion got on him for his crappy h2 so yeah Michael did not die like he always does lool just like jason never died just a few stabs with a knife what about all the shots that never hurt him :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes but Jason is a Monster how can`t die and Michael is Pure Evil XD and thx for the News. I hope that H3 will a lot better than the Dirt how was createt by RZ.
I be a Fan of Michael since two things Michael and Loomis and the new Loomis ind RZ Movie was Laaam !!!
If you ask me Halloween 1 (1978) Halloween II (1981) Halloween 4 was the best movies all the other are Crazy :mrgreen:
and one thing that i hate the most is that loomis is died in H20 ( I know that the actor is really dead) but the hole Story was DAMN Bad !!!

please tell me what do you think !!!

ps: Evil will rise Michael will return
you can`t Kill the Boogeyman :axe:

they wouldent let michael just die they did it in every movie he did lol shot boom dead comes back

dont you have his H2 pics in yur sig?

ya h2 we all know is terrible

I am sure that all Halloween fans think that RZ H2 was not as good as his remake of H1.
I hope that he do it better with H3.

ps:Michael cant die because you cant KILL the Boogeyman :axe:

Samhain will from deeps of Hell Evil is not to STOP :finga:

Halloween II was a great movie. Halloween III will a shit 3D. :axe:

the only way h3 will be scary is if it actually happens. I can’t think of anything scarier than yet ANOTHER one of those films being released…

for me is awsome i watch over and over again and is great … take off your pic if you think that …

so i watched the movie about 10 times already someparts of it was good some didnt lomis was d… and thats not how loomis should be and they ripped off Friday the 13th for copying that mom thing plus if it was so great y would it be the worst halloween in the seriers and is that y They kicked rob zombie off from Halloween 3d?

Does anyone else feel like this is a caveman conversation?

That’s being generous…

I personally think that H2 was not the badest ever but i dont understand what all that stuff about the with horse and all that things are bring. I personally dont understand why they could make a remake from the originally Halloween 2 more of the night he came home 1981.

Michael attacks the car he Killed loomis at the end thats all not happend in the original. I thought that H2 were more like the original from John Carpenter and not a new Story about Michael.

But i never would say anithing bad against you. My personal favour was H4 The Return of Michael Myers.

I look for the Mask but i can`t find one. When somebody of you can help me i were really Happy thx. :smiley:

ps:Michael cant DIE because you cant KILL the Boogeyman. :axe:

Spell check and proof read to make sure what you writing makes the least bit of sense. This whole thread is brutal. Gave me a headache trying to read and comprehend it.