Recast Warlock...or Not?

Was scouring the bay and came across this little gem…the seller does not stipulate what it is but it looks dodgy to me.

That’s no Warlock…recast or not. Not even sure what it is.

I’m sure it is this mask with some airbrushing. :slight_smile:

Nice mark up on it! 140 bucks?!

Can’t realy say what that is. Certainly not a Warlock though. :question:

Oh hell no thats no Warlock lol :laughing:


That is the niggy mask ive ever seen, kill it now, kill it proud!

Its a piece of shit whatever the hell it is. For some reason the shading got me thinking it was a poor Warlock repro…really poor lol.

Um…I actually don’t think it’s bad. Hell, I’d be glad to own it.

I think we’ve become kinda jaded as a community, because of all the great masks available. But come on…before NAG and all the other wonderful mask makers came to be, we had crap that looked like this…

This mask isn’t completely accurate, but it’s a million times better than anything that’s on the store shelves in October. I think we should give this guy a break

Lol it’s some member from here

looks like a DP 03’ repainted and haired imo… :rolleyes:

Ya its totally a Don Post mask repinted :laughing:

:vom: :vom: :vom:

I would have to agree.I think hes using the term" warlock " as a key search word just like people put “not freddy or jason”.The mask is really not that bad.Hell ,I know alot of people charge way over $140 for a paint job.This mask is definitely not a mask I would buy, but Ive seen much worse at higher prices.He should just be more honest in the desription.He should have put its a repainted dp or exactly what it is.
We need to remember that every person that buys a myers mask is not after a $300- $2000 movie accurate mask.Yes to me this mask is overpriced.But if the seller paid 49.99 at a halloween shop for it he may think his repaint is worth $90 bucks.I do know this guy is a member here.I think we should all think twice before we sling every myers mask in the mud just because it isnt up to some of our standards.Not every person is looking for movie accuracy when buying a mask.I know most of us here are ,but that doesnt mean that the other 99% of the population is.I know most of us started off with a dp mask of some type…

Seriously though,
It is misleading to read but,
with all the rip offs going on out there, the one positive I can pull from this is the fact that he is not using REAL Warlock pictures, and selling this copy.
I’ve seen that way to many times and I feel bad for those customers. At least you know what your getting from this and it’s your choice to bid or not…
See Ya…