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Hey guys and gals!..I am new here.I will be honest in that i
didnt think much of the Rob Zombie version of Michael Myers mask
…that is not until my most recent mask purchase.I got a mask in the mail not
expecting much but a poorly detailed recast or poorly done
indy version but instead it blew my mind away and after comparing it with
Every screen shot i could i knew i had the real deal…but i didnt need to
even go that far because what i found is proof…right to the left of the slit
up the back is a signature in the thin latex reading …Toth 06…i wont be 100%
convinced until i can compare the signature…so if anyone knows about this mask
or has pics of wayne toths signature for his sculpts let me know…cu as it
sits right now im pretty sure its an original pull from the movie mold…thx.


I think i know what mask you are talking about. I belive it’s another one cast of the animatronic head. Could you post a pic.

Btw…ill try and post pics from my cell asap.


[quote=“dvdcollector85”]I think i know what mask you are talking about. I belive it’s another one cast of the animatronic head. Could you post a pic.[/qu

I compared it with the Spirit prop pics and the eyes on the prop were sculpted wide open
this mask hasnt…and also it is dated 2006 and the prop was done a few years later right?..
im not sure he would sign a new or revised sculpt for a new prop as 2006…Anyway ill get pics up asap.


If you can post a pic we will know for sure, but if it’s the one i’m thinking of it’s just cast off the animatronic head like the buried,unearthed with toth’s name sculpted in on the mold.

So you are telling me those indy masks are actually recasts off
of waynes wrk?..well that Sucks Waynes stuff is getting
recast like that…anyway all i hv to post pics with is my phone so if you
can tell how to do it from my cell id appreciate it…thx.


The Screen-used mask was finished around January 07.
06 is probably the number of the copy you own.

I wanna see pics…im intrigued to see it…pics please!!! :smiley:

I know this mask is not a copy of the Buried or Unearthed masks that
Are all over the board …i also know it is definately not
A copy of the Toth head for the prop because there are details in this mask
That are clearly not on prop whatsoever…I will post highly detailed pics of these distinguishing marks as
soon as I can…have a great day.


i think I know what mask you are talking about. You bought it off ebay didnt you? It’s a cast from the animatronic head if so

I would like to know what mask this is…You seem to know a little about mask as your speaking of recast.Have you been a member here before?Where did you get it from?More than likely its a replica as there are a few that are spot on.Loadsome pics man…

Odds are great that its cast off the head…At the moment untill (Which will never happen) the actual mold is given or sold to an indy mask maker the animatronic head is the most accurate and best way to get as close as you can to the likeness of the screen used mask…Casting off the head is no different from recasting actual movie molds…I dont want to get into all this as its been beaten to death around here… But since your new I figured Id educate a little on the matter… Wayne toth made a statement a while back and said that he really wasnt concerned with people making mask off the head… The man is too buisy to be concerned with it… But ive seen many indy mask makers do just as good as those who actually work on the films… And all the RZ mask we have available through indy maskers at the current moment are great mask IMO… Whether they were done through the animatronic head or not they have all been damn good…Most of the time when you buy from our indy mask makers you get high quality mask, not cheaply done mask…Take a look at the gallery and you will see what the indy mask makers have done through out the years…I am very thankful that these guys exist and are so talented… Its because of them that we have what we have and makes this hobby so fun :rock:

Thanks for the words of encouragment on the matter…as for where
I got it from it was Ebay and if it is a pull off of the prop then its
kinda off in a few ways…is Toth signature on the scapl of the animatronic
prop…does anyone have pics of this I an compare mine too?..
And yes I do know quite a bit about masks beibg a collector for quite a while but this
Is mmy first RZ Myers mask…the detail and accuracy are truely
Spot on with this thing…every nook and cranny and sculpt mark is in this pull…marks that
are not on the prop version but on the movie mask…anyay thanks everyone


No its not bud…But indy mask makers can use the ani head as a base and change things along the way… By no means does it have to be exact… They can make molds and change them more to their liking during the process… Once you post pictures we all be to tell you more :wink:

this whole discussion is redundant until pics are seen of the mask.