Returning After a Few Years, What's New?

Per the usual, I’m back to check things out since Halloween has rekindled the fire of our most favorite holiday, and of course, the man behind the mask.

From last I remember, private mask sales were banned due to licensing issues, something about Trancas, and our beloved hobby came to a standstill. But now, it looks like everything is back to full steam ahead again.

If possible, anyone care to provide a brief update of what changed? I’ve been digging through the forum trying to catch up, but there’s a lot of ground to cover. Thank everyone! It’s great to see all the awesome masks again and that the forum is alive and well!

The main changes the hobby has undergone is most of our members have moved to Facebook now more than ever which I am not fully happy about because I love the website. We have new rehaulers who do a ton of H40 masks and Kills masks, Trick or treat studios is still busting out amazing low end alternatives with amazing Mabry sculpts to choose from! Overall, we’re still here and still kicking!

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I’m glad to see everything is still going strong!

There is a new sculpt called the ID, if u haven’t seen that I’d definately check that out man. One of the best we’ve ever seen.

Who makes it? I’ve been looking around the gallery and past posts, but haven’t seen that mentioned. Unfortunately my collection is empty right now but I used to own a Psycho back in 2011-2012, and I had a Horror Sanctum Studios 75 Kirk converted back in the day, but both have since parted company from me. I was sorry to see the update regarding HSS, he was a great individual to work with.

I am happy to say that I have a TOTS Boogeyman that should be arriving here soon within the next couple of days at least.