Revisioned H2 vs. Psychopath H2...

This will be my 1st RZ myers. Which one fits a 23.5" head better? And which one
has the most authentic feel? Customer service means a lot, too. Thanks for any
help y’all can provide! :rock:

I have a 23.5" head and a psychopath H2, it fits well but a little on the tight side for my taste… I always like having some shadow between the eyes and the mask, just my preference. The only thing that bothers me, is i’m afraid of the mask tearing in a few spots on it, so i don’t wear it often. :neutral_face: All in all, I guess it achieves the H2 look fairly well though. I cannot speak for the Revisioned, but i’m looking into getting a clean RZ right now. :mrgreen:

PM Sent!

Best adivce look at the pics of both, look at the prices. That should make your decision for you. I personally say Revisioned

Thanks for the replies!

I personally like the Prop Shop’s more they fit better than the Addison’s did on me the Revisioned had to long of a neck. But its really up to you whatever you like better get it.

I know alot of people have complained about the wait time on addisons mask.I like them both though.

Anyone have some Prop Shop mask pictures? do they run pretty big?

for me its the Revisioned, i can only speak for the H1 revisioned tho. I think the neck for me is just fine with length, its just that i have a short neck. i also have aliitle room in too.

this is how it look on me

Also Addisions comunication sucks PERIOD, and the wait was liite more than i can bear but he will get your mask out to you for sure, and you will be in awwwww.

if i were you i would go with the Revisioned because its a really great mak at almost half the price of the Prop Shop masks

Thanks for the help everyone. Got a good deal on a PsychopatH2, so I’m gonna give it a shot.