RZ H9 CARHARTTS Pro converted

These are my pro converted H9 carhartts,they were converted by an artist in the states enjoy guy’s :slight_smile:

Very nice, i like em alot.

Nice! The weathering actually looks real!

I’ve always been jelous of your coveralls anthony! very very nice bro, I just got a pair of carhart x02’s I’m gonna make em’ look as good as yours ! ( I hope )

Thanks guy’s much appreciated :smiley: and good luck Jimi on your conversion bro :wink: :drinkers:

Really nice and very dirty looking, just as they should be :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot friend appreciate it :slight_smile:

They look sweet. I just cut out the lining in mine today. Gonna dye them sometime soon when I get some free time.

Thanks for the compliment bro,i picked these up off our very own Duel truck driver A.K.A steve who you will know pretty well i’d expect,Thanks again friend :drinkers: