RZ Pics of the day 12-13-10

Post em guys wanna try and have this be an everyday thing like the General Discussion has:

Is that the Exposed that I used to own?

No man I got that from the Propshop when they first came out

What Exposed did you have?

A Prop Shop Psychopath Exposed that looks IDENTICAL to that one. A few other members owned that exact copy, including DrentheLiar. Here’s my donation to the thread;


jo’s new escape mask i just received and of course my 1971 QOTS Buried and amyd case. added the blood on the side my self.


That is just evil, Scott.


this is not my mask, but it was fun to wear :stuck_out_tongue:

Logan we need to take some new pics. I think the new Myers house would be a nice place for it.

indeed, not startin the hobo tell march, too bad it will be done till around summer, going to be blazing hot in that thing

Great pics guys lets keep it going