RZH2 1:6 Custom Figure w/3 interchangeable heads!

**_This one is a beast!

Got a custom figures artist do me up a RZH2 Myers with the “regular” mask head, the half mask head and unmasked head all interchangeable with the body! The material used on the clothing is all authentic and even has the bowie knife Myers uses in RZ’s H2! Just a small note, the “regular” head now has blood applied in the correct spots.

Hope you guys enjoy the pics, I’m blown away with this piece.


That’s really cool. The scale on the knife may be a bit off but the quality of those interchangeable heads more than makes up for it.

Very cool!! I like it!

Way cool brudda Benny congrats ! :drinkers:

Awesome pick-up Benny :astonished: :astonished:
The attention to detial is supurb on this fig!
I especially dig the Non masked Tyler head, badass!!
Great that he actually weathered up the clothes :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
Big congrats buddy, now that’s an RZ/H2 FIG!! :drinkers:

That’s awesome!!!Dean

Benny,my man,that is off the charts!!

I too have a love for custom figures and this one is SICK!Tons of detail and the interchangable heads make it such a diverse piece.

Congrats on a beauty of a pick-up,bro!!

Thanks my brothas!! I love custom pieces and I think it’s a great way to add a little “ooomph” to your mask displays!

BTW Randy, one piece I own I owe totally to you bro. I was so impressed with the H2 “aftermath” that Josh did for you that I had one similar made up by him.

I also like your “Phoenix” mask idea that yielded such a cool piece too man! Think I might need to hire you as a creative consultant…you work cheap I hope? :laughing:

I agree about figures adding a nice touch to a mask collection.I love custom figures and they really add dimension to a collection.

Man,I gotta see your Aftermath figure!!Haven’t seen pics of it yet,so get some up if you haven’t already!!

Thanks for the compliment on the Phoenix,my man and I’m glad I inspired you to grab an Aftermath figure.They are really amazing.As far as my consultation prices…always free of charge for you,my friend :wink:

Awesome Figure Benny,would love one of those in my RZ collection for sure :rock: