Sad Day Bye Bye 75k :(

Sold this mask yesterday and before I packed it up I took some new pics.
This is one of the hardest masks I had to pack up in 8 years!
I would of never sold this mask but I bought a new car, and also have a wedding coming up here soon.
This is really a ruff day for me!
He is going to a great home though

And one JC 75k pic and one hag pic to make me feel better :cry:



Ryn I hope this isn’t true…I’d rather buy the mask back than to see this converted.
Scoop up a blank for conversion instead.
I know Nik doesn’t get back to every PM…but i’d keep trying man.
I’d leave this a kirk, I beg you to leave it.
I know its your mask and ether way its your choice, but think it over man

i’d be sad to see that one go too… :frowning:

That is a TRUE beauty.

Man thats probably the best copy ive seen,man that must have been tough :frowning:

Trust me brother it’s coming to a good home. Like I said a conversion at this point is an option. I’m fully expecting to loose my nerve when I see it in person. Then I’ll just have James do up my Psycho instead.

I must have looked at that Kirk ten times when it was in the classifieds, what a nice mask, and what a nice pick up Ryan, congratulations. …ANDY

i think the psycho would be the wise choice to do up of the two no doubt

That is a sweet Kirk mask indeed,sorry you had to sell the bad boy,but it def. Will be going to a good home…Dean

wow man! A sad day indeed! That is a true beauty! :rock: And that jc 75k is amazing! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: Sorry dano! Congrats to ryn! Keep your chin up dano!

as long as its for a better cause brotha, but i feel ya pain

that must have been tough. i just recently did the same thing with one of my favorite masks so i feel the sting. awesome that ryn is getting it. i say leave it kirk. just my opinion. heres to hoping ryn loses his nerve. LOL.


Sad day for sure… but the 75k will be around. After your wedding, save up some funds and get another! Maybe the Super Dooper Platinum edition will be released by then.
It really is hard making room for pricey masks when you have a wife, house, car payment, etc. Just wait until the kids come lol!
Funny stuff Jon - you’re in the exact same spot I was 3 years ago when I sold my DB2.

haha Chad that really made me laugh, “Super Dooper Platinum Edition” i can see it now the SDPE 75k! I think it will cartch on! Nik should deffo name his next mask that, hilarious :laughing:

Sad day indeed Jon, but dont worry bro you still own the best 75k on the board! We need more pics of that beast! :smiling_imp:

It was for a good reason my main man! You know I had to sell some monsters recently lol!! You still have insane pieces bro!!!

Big congrats Ryn. :drinkers:
Great looking copy brother. :rock:

As far as the conversion goes…It’s your mask now, do what you want brother. :confused:
Personally…I would leave it. :mrgreen:

Either way…great piece.

Thanks for the props everyone. One things for sure, if I convert it or don’t this is one mask that will never leave my collection.