Santa is coming....

Christmas will be here in less than 2 days. What is the one mask you would love to see under the tree from the jolly fellow? It can be vague (a Creep, 75K, etc) or very specific (Benny’s DB2, Darren’s Kirks, etc). Mine would be Deano’s Psycho 81 proto or Crofader’s NMM 81. There are more but I’m a sucker for H2 love. Just some holiday fun, what’s yours?

I’d love to see these under the tree: (or on my hearth, on the couch, ANYWHERE Santa would leave them would be fine!) :mrgreen:

→ James’ 75K
→ The #2 KH/DW
→ Paul’s Proto H2 beast and the Screenused H4
→ AHG’s old copy of the “rarer”
→ Darren’s H20 mask
→ Nikolas’ Screenused H6

A Topstone Vampire girl
Topstone Melting Man
Or rezlly anyother TOpstone masks.

I have to say NAG 75K converted by JC or AHG. One of the most beautiful and screen accurate masks I have ever seen. And of course, there’s always room for a JC Lamson in my stocking :unamused:

ghosts’ NMM78 proto.
KH/DW gold sig.
James’ 75k.
the SHAT.

Id say

Crofaders’s Screenused H4
Nikolas’ Screenused H6
The Original Hero

Paul’s NMM
James’s 75K Kirk
My upcoming 99/JC H2
and with any luck I will have my 99/JC H1 #1 under my tree on time. (fingers crossed) :rock:

Damn I would love to see these under my tree :sunglasses:
JC 75k
Jon Dano’s BH H6
Darrens screenused H20
An original 1975 kirk in mint condition! :laughing:

My creep that I ordered…Dean

75k kirk
i could go on and on. :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: .tom.

If I had a tree, I’d love for there to be a H3 Trio sitting under it.

The original Don Post 75k.
I hope to be getting one in the future sometime.
You guys didn’t think I’d be crazy enough to sell off my pieces without a back-up did you? :wink:

NAG/AHG 75K :rock: :rock: :rock:

An H4 Escape :drinkers:

H1 Unearthed
Morningside H20
'88 Foreshadow

Ol’ Blue Lips and a bottle of cheap whiskey to drown my sorrows

either “The Butcher”, a Maniac, or a morningside H20.

Not recieveing anything this year :frowning:
But did send payment today(Xmas Eve) for something I’ll recieve next year :wink:

would love to see Erik’s KH#2 or the chick in my avatar under the tree :laughing:

Since I’m happy with my collection, and really don’t have any other mask desire…
I’d take a winning lotto ticket in my stocking this year, that would put a smile on my face… :smiley:
But nothing less than a million! :smiley: :laughing:

same here J :laughing:
I actually purchased a few