Saving a paint job with plastidip?

just looking for some advice from people who may have done this before.

So I recently received a older ahg with some paint thats starting to peel om the nose, I’m familiar with his paint style so I understand the distressed paint look but this is straight up start to lift off the mask.

My question is will a light coat of matte plastidip help hold the paint on and keep from flaking off for longer than it would without doing anything? Just hoping I can get some advice from someone who has tried something like this. Thanks!

Can’t guarantee the results, but I did something similar to a foam-filled vintage mask that was starting to disintegrate. It’s been a couple years, and so far it’s holding up.

Thanks! I just wanted to hear someone say they had at least tried it with ok results

Seal it with some liquitex matte medium.

I’ve never tried liquitex for sealing but was aware people used it, any advantages over plastidip?

Plastidip will peel after a while. Just lay the liquitex on with an airbrush in thin layers.

Awesome thanks for the tip!