since everyone seems to be on a pumpkin fiesta

i made this on monday with a foam pumpkin from michaels (and yes this was my first attempt) gonna do an h6 tonight i think

very nice…i think im gonna pick up a couple and try my hand at it…what did you use to make the cuts?



i used a heated exacto knife

if you cant afford one (they are about 30 bucks) and have a gas stove you can just heat the blade on a regular one between cuts, if you dont have heat the cuts will come out jagged and it will be a pain in the butt

Looks awesome!!

Good job man! Everyone should be buying these things from Michaels and working some HalloweeN magic. Sometimes they even have them on sale at like $5 each. I used to do a bunch for guys on Halloween about 3-4 years ago, but it burnt me out. Using an exacto knife is key! Make sure that blade is sharp and take your time. Looking forward to seeing your H6 version. I wish I had saved pics of mine from back in the day.

That looks really great! Did you draw the face on with pencil first or ??
Very nice job

Nice work man!

I don’t carve 'em, I just kill 'em.


i used a red pen actually helps mak a bit of an indentation so you can see where to cut a bit better but thats just my preference, a pencil would probably work too

Great work Johnny :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
that looks spot on bro!

thats awesome man!!! :smiley:

Most excellent - I gotta get me some Halloween jack-o-lanters!! :smiling_imp: :rock: