So hard to let go

I started collecting Myers masks since 07 when I joined here and I am up to 18 masks and just recently have got a few great scores and was thinking of letting some of the first ones I got go but its hard to let go. I see a lot of you on here selling and trading all the time and want to know if you all have the same problem of really not wanting to let them go.

My main question is what 1 mask in your collection would you never let go? please show a pic or 2 if you wouldnt mind.

I don’t think I’d be able to part with my very fist mask. Here’s a poor pic of my H78 AHG

My 05 Maniac took me over 2 years of very very hard searching to source and i swear on my life this will never ever ever leave my collection for as long as i live and breath.

Yes, I am very much like you in the sense that I don’t want to let anything go either, not even the least accurate, or least used masks. I don’t just buy masks that I’m going to eventually get tired of and want to sell. I buy masks that I absolutely love, and could keep for as long as they will hold up. Basically once I buy them, they’re mine for good. There are some exceptions to my lower end masks that I don’t “absolutely love”, my reasonings for not selling my lower end masks are, even if I ever did decided to sell them I’d get peanuts for them, so I’d much rather keep them. I’m not just like this with masks, I’m like this with everything I collect, Action Figures, Video Games, Paintball Markers, ect.

As for the mask that I wouldn’t want to let go of (and I’d better say this quick before my N.A.G/JC H-78 arrives, lol) would have to be my N.A.G/GoBears04 H-78 (Retool).

Sorry for posting several pics, instead of a couple, lol. …ANDY

there is a bunch in my collection i can never see letting go, but my NAG 75K Kirk painted and haired by JC is at the top of the list.


I try to only buy masks that I love and, for my sanity and wallet, I generally limit myself to one from each film. That said I had two copies of the Shape H2 with different finishes and sold one. As soon as I saw the new owners pics of the mask I regretted it and bought it back. It was like seeing a girl you dumped on the street with a new guy, “let’s give it another shot baby!”

I love all my masks right now and worked hard to track each of them down. I see them as a whole as opposed to individual pieces. So if I sold one I’d probably sell them all. But the last one one to ever leave my collection will be my early run Brad Hardin 6 mask. I can’t take my eyes off that mask.

It definitely sucks letting go of masks I sometimes regret doing it.


The NAG 75K H1 Promo :blush: :cry:

I’ve gotten rid of every mask I said I’d never get rid of :frowning: It was hard letting every single one of them go. My tastes change, and I just go with what I want at the time. After awhile, having the same mask gets kind of old. But yeah, it’s hard letting go of sweet masks.

I said i’d never let my first 05 Psycho go but was forced to when my finances took a plunge… So I decided to go hunting for a replacement…Over 30 masks later, and surviving a terrible addiction to buying masks, here I am. lol
I now have my H2 Nightmare, Nightmareman78R, and Mint75 all painted up by JC to keep me company. :sunglasses:

When I first started collecting independent Myers masks I thought I would never part with any of them.Well,it only took me about a year to start selling or trading pieces I owned.

What happens is that there will always be something else that you want.This hobby becomes a money pit and before you know it,you will have no room left to display your collection.So,the reason for trading or selling is based on finances or simply not having endless display space.If I were rich and had a few spare rooms in my home,I would be on an endless shopping spree.

As far as a mask I would never part with,I have learned that no one piece is safe from the cut.I swore I would never sell my KH/DW and recently did.That is something I will never stop regretting.Major mistake right there.

In conclusion,I hate the feeling of boxing up ANY mask I sell or trade.There is something about putting it in that priority box where you realize just how much you really love it and you hate to see it go.I have had that feeling with every single mask I parted with,whether it was a $100 mask or a $2000 mask.It’s just part of the whole collecting scene.I wish I could have everything I want and God knows I have tried,but it really isn’t possible in the longrun.

Well put Randy! I feel the same way everytime I lose a piece…

Thanks a lot,Brandon.Whenever this topic comes up it truly speaks to me.I wish I could have them all and hold on to them.There is so much talent in this hobby and not just in Myers by any means.It would great to be able to just grab everything that tickles your fancy and have the ability to keep ALL of them.

I know what you mean and its not just Myers with me. I have a closet shelf full of transformers and i still have plans on buying more that i’m missing… Hobbies suck sometimes on the wallet and space! :laughing: