Great pics,really shows all the details of the mask :smiley:

Spectacular pics & a superb copy of a fantastic mask :rock:

omg i wamt t take some shoot to my buried like this one !!1 :rock:

Beautiful photo’s man. :rock:

Awesome finish on this one. :smiling_imp:

thanks guys…

Awesone pics Frank. One of the best copies I have ever seen of the original run Burieds. Most of the first ones I saw didn’t have that much hair on them but that one looks good. But once again amazing pics as always Frank,.

yeah Mick…I picked this one up about a month after they started popping up over a year ago. I was actually contemplating selling it to get a thinner pull copy but I don’t care anymore. The thicker pull will stand up better over time I believe and the finish and hair are just too good to let this one go. I’m thinkin of picking up a dream sequence but I’m not sure yet.


Very nice shots Frank.

very nice H9 BURIED you have there my friend love the early run’s there top notch :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

WOW brotha" them original run burieds really do it for me for accuracy they take some “beatin” :slight_smile: and you got one sick copy right there man CONGRATSon that beaut :drinkers: :drinkers: :rock:

I might like the paint on this one just a tad more than mine :confused: . Very nice copy!

a few more…normal lighting.

Very official looking Frank. What’s your backdrop?

hey Matt…it’s just a plain white paper backdrop.

Hi, just want to say im loving your “BURIED” its very nice, i also own an original run buried and i think they have far the best details IMO there so accurate and very rare to find nowadays i’ll be keeping on too mine thats for sure, heres a quick snap shot of it my friend :smiley:



thanks Jimmy…and great copy you have there anth.

Thank you very much frank your compliment is much appreciated my friend :smiley: