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ive got one on the way that i ordered last week. so has anybody got any pics of their h20s!

I’ve got one on the way myself. Picked up this beauty from a member here, should be arriving soon. Will post my own pics when it does.

Ive got one,its an early copy #8 and Its great,best h20 available IMO,heres some pics:

Here’s some of my Smith’s Grove H20.!/photo.php?fbid=1846839781464&set=a.1762995365406.218217.1554760820&theater!/photo.php?fbid=1846840261476&set=a.1762995365406.218217.1554760820&theater!/photo.php?fbid=1846840461481&set=a.1762995365406.218217.1554760820&theater

Here’s one of mine! …I also have the #1 screenused copy with COA(limited to ten copies). Those pics coming next! In the meantime…here’s the H20 that I have on display!

heres my ssn v2 im getting

great pics… more people seem to show the v 2 or h30 not many the durand except for the great pics in the gallery.

besides the h2 look, this mask ive always liked ,no matter who wears it it looks like michael