Styrofoam head question.

So I know styrofoam is bad for masks but I put three plastic bags that you would get from like Walmart over them. Should that be good?

As long as there is barrier between the styrofoam and the mask, it should be good! But honestly

If you want to be absolutely safe, I highly recommend stuffing the mask with Polyfil and just placing it on a paper towel stand!

I use these products and they are really reliable! All of my masks are stuffed with Polyfil! Polyfil is super soft, a lot of high end collectors that I know of often use these stuff! I used to use styrofoam when I joined the hobby but after talking to some veteran members here, I switched over to Polyfil and still use it to this day!


Paper towel stand:

I buy 7 dollar black ski masks from Walmart and fill it with poly fill for stuffed animals. I then use paper towel stands with a red solo shot cup so it doesn’t warp the top. I’ll be using a real mask stand though for my creep when it gets here. But for my tots, I go the cheap route.