Taking the shine off a TOTS 78 Knife?

I recently got a TOTS 78 Knife. What’s the best way to take the shine off the chrome blade?

Scotch Brite pad or sandpaper?

Should I sand in a circular or straight motion?

Any pictures will be appreciated.

A scotch brite pad would work great. Go with a straight motion for a more natural look.

I would pray it with Krylon satin clear. Scotch-brit would leave scratches I would think

I would sand with light grain sandpaper. Plus why not make the knife look dirty. Maybe add some blood to it.

This stuff with a microfiber cloth will get you a semi-gloss look.

#0000 steel wool would get you more of a weathered look.

Does anyone have pictures of a TOTS Knife that they took the shine off of?

Here you go, I used steel wool. I didn’t press super hard, I just kept going over it with mild pressure until it was where I wanted it.

Good job Lawson.

I think i took too much shine off ?? Or is it fine? How can I get back some shine? Or camouflage it with some weathering

If you want to get back some shine, just lightly clearcoat it with Krylon satin.