Target $49.99 Wallet Drain

Target has continually surprised me this year. This set was on my radar, but I wasn’t expecting to run into it while grocery shopping today. Worth every penny.

Nice!! I don’t really need it…but hell, may as well look for shits and giggles. Lol

They also have this, which I bought a while back. I think it was $29.99. For the most part, Target’s prices have been cheaper than ebay for me. Plus there’s also the convenience factor.

Oh nice, I am going to track that one down too, I have been wanting to get the cloth clothes version since it has a better head sculpt. Very cool :rock:

Awesome pick ups! Any word on when the Neca retro cloth Dr. Loomis and Laurie will be out?

Damn…49.99 thats cheap! Going for over 100.00 on ebay

Thanks! According to Amazon, Oct. 21st is the date it will be available.

I know, right?! This was the only one they had, too! When I brought it over to the scanner at the end of the aisle I was thinking all sorts of prices might ring up. I was just hoping it was going to be less than $70 considering what eBay prices were.

So cool they come in cloth too. Want to get these.

you guys are lucky they closed all the targets in Canada

Aw man, that sucks.

oh well here today guanno tomorrow :laughing: I shopped there one Halloween next year its abandoned.
Im glad I get to see cool stuff still because of the board :pumpkin: