Tears of Blood

Here is my Blood Tears mask. I love this thing :rock:

BEAUTY :smiling_imp:

Looks awesome displayed on the bust :rock:

Thanks Randy. I love the busts now. They make the masks and whole set up 100xs better.

Nasty brother :rock:

awesome mask :smiley:

That looks wicked brotha Mike :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: Love the new direction your going with your collection my man. :drinkers:

cool cool cool. i am actually waiting on a Warlock Blood tears from JC. wicked piece brother.



Nice mask.

Nice Mike!!! Great job on the bust :drinkers:

Very nice bro! That’s one of a couple holes in my collection right now…no blood tears! :frowning:

Great looking Blood Tears Mike :rock:

Great mask, Mike! Love a well-done blood tears. :rock:


That is one sick mask bro! I love that thing, looks just like my Myers Tattoo. You could also use Gel Blood to make the blood look more realistic but it looks amazing like that. :slight_smile:

Great looking copy, Mike.

I am a sucker for a good blood tears. That copy is superb. I remember that one, stil a beaut. Nice shots man :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Love that Shat brotha and perfect blood tears

The JC/99 is still one of the tops when it comes to an H2 look and your copy is no exception Mike :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
Mask screams creepy!!

Fantastic piece!! :rock: :rock:
Gotta have a Blood Tears one day…
Thanks for sharing :sunglasses:

Great stuff Mike :drinkers: