TERROR!!!!!!new pics pg.2

i finally got this thing adjusted and made all the production molds. this is my 3rd attempt at an h1 mask i wanted an h1 with that already stretched look. hes not realy this white either .but the over head lights in my shop make every thing bright.this is a ground up og sculpt.thanks for looking.

HOLY MACARONI TOMMY!! That thing is marvelous.

Nice work Tommy, this is your best Myers yet. SWEET!

That looks great, Mr. Tommy. The Terror is an excellent Myers mask. :rock:

Very nice work Tommy, that thing is sweet!!! …ANDY

Beautiful mask with great accuracy!!

thanks gents! i am working on a few more copys right now. different hair and paint. :smiley:

Best yet Tommy

agreed! this mask is pretty fantastic! i LOVE the hair on that thing. great paint job as well!

Outstanding work Tommy!

i love it tommy, what a great mask :rock:

your best myers sculpt yet

VERY NICE TOMMY :drinkers:

Nice work. Nothing tougher than sculpting a Myers from scratch and you did a heck of a job :rock:

thanks!!! means alot.

Nice job tommy.Its nice to see a original myers sculpt from the ground up.It looks killer.

thanks i am working on another sculpt soon.

Excellent work as always Bro.

Amazing piece, Tommy! Your work always impresses me.

I love it tommy!