Saw this and had to post. This auction is from Dirk aka Dimue aka wormlover40 aka IDK what else. BEWARE!


Can someone please explain what’s wrong with this auction? It looks like a nice mask

I’ve actually bought a NMM78 from dimue awhile back. The address said Berlin Germany too. I believe this is a legit auction. No fishery here I would guess

He’s spammed lots of people on here so thats why its a buyers beware!

I’ve bought masks from him in the past but what he did to Scott is disgusting :axe: :butthead: Hope his auction gets pulled

I’ve read way too many bad experiences people have had with Dirk and the runaround he has given Scott is MORE than enough for me to stay away from his auctions.

The way i see it is The Bad outweighs the good with this guy so it comes with Risks.

Dear quietontheset,

Hi there, thanks for getting in contact !!! This is Cristian, D`s brother !!! he is no fraud, beleave me !!
he had a problem with your silicon deal i know about and he lost contact with you and had no adress as he was banned with his main account on MMnet due to our deal he told me !!! the silicon is still in his hands i guess and they probably use it for a new mold as old is broken by mistake or whatever !!! i called him and he told me in terms of cash you solved already the claim with him as you got way more value back already by replacements which i can say is not often happen nowadays !!!
If that is true i find it quite "strange"how you call that ??? any ways you did get value back which he proofed i guess and you havent received the originally planned item which is no good of course but i guess he is working on it still and if he sends out a copy to you it would make it a value of almost 3 time what you spend i guess !!!
only for your records, me and him have lost over 4K on so called legit, still active memebers only on MMnet alone so better be careful who you think is fraud !!! they will not do it you now maybe since they hope for anice mask from you but that means no lifelong safty !!!i will see what he is planning to do but honestly feel (hey its my younger brother)
he replaced missing deal already good !! Pls contact him under his known email as he will be glad to reply and question.
kind regards

  • wormlover40

Whats worse is the price, Starting price is the actual cost for a new one and the buy it now is more than a Buried. >:C. So from all the bad ive heard from him, id stay away and just get a bran new on from Russell.

I just seen someone is bidding on one of his auctions…Hope it’s no one on the board :cry: If anyone here has bid on this mask BEWARE!!!

yah saw that yesterday, thought it was an unearthed or a sociopath or something… speakin of which havent seen those mask in awhile

isnt that just a recast of the ani head??? or does he not ship the mask…or is that someone else’s photo?

toochey…read a little more…question removed

Just a heads up, he is selling a One’s Customs Hobo Myers figure on eBay. It was One’s first Hobo Myers figure that he did. I think Dimue made the base though (I know One didn’t make it). New eBay account with 0 feedback.

What i can’t fathom is how he hasn’t been blocked from ebay,ok i know you can have up to 7 or so ebay accounts at one time,but not paypals,only 2 one business and one personal,unless he’s fiddling the system with paypal aswell and they haven’t caught on with what he’s up to.