Hey folks!

I’m not sure where everyone is from, but here in Toronto Canada today it was above 100 degrees. Holy snappin crap! Ah yes, the Summer is upon us… and what comes after Summer ladies and gentleman? The Fall!! And Halloween!!.. ok ok, I won’t rush Summer, but still :laughing:

Last year I purchased a CGP Fear from someone here on the board, and I have to say, I think I have ended up with one of the best copies of the mask available. “In my humble opinion” the CGP Fear captures the closest look to the H1 mask next to the classic NAG H78, either converted or not. Obviously if the NAGH78 was converted, then yes even more so.

Point is folks, I never did think that cryptco (in my opinion) was ever able to capture what Terry did with this particular mask. Now of course like all masks, certain copies, lighting, angles and how you approach the photos make a world of a difference. Nonetheless, the much now “Forgotten” CGP fear, if you ended up with a great copy, captures that H1 look very nicely. Post your CGP Fears if you have them, or a copy of the Fear that you feel stands out among the rest.

Next on my list is the classic NAG H78, converted. I’m hoping to get my hands on a killer copy. A copy to end all copies. lol.


Here are a few screen stills of me in action from my two Halloween shorts.

Halloween Lurking

Halloween Fall Stalking

Take care everyone, and may the passion live on!

Even though I dont care for the person who made it you cant deny he made some nice recast in his times…That is a nice mask with some great finishing man.

nice copy, nice shots!

I think you are right, you have a great copy there, one of the best I’ve seen for sure!! :drinkers: :drinkers: :smiley:

Agreed… It’s too bad what happened. I didn’t purchase the mask from Terry, and I’m thankful now I didn’t. I may not have had the mask I own now.

Nice copy. Fear is a nice mask. I love mine.


Your very right. I have a Crypt Co. 10/31 and don’t get me wrong…I LOVE it and will never part with it. It does not however capture that total H1 chill factor that a great copy of the Fear captures. I’ve seen Fears that I don’t really care for and don’t hold a candle to my 10/31, but you seem to have the most outstanding copy that I have ever laid eyes on :open_mouth: !!!. Hold on to that puppy tight. I agree 100% that it is the “forgotten” mask and is just as acurate as any H/78 around.
Beautiful copy dude…I LOVE it!
Nick :smiley:

The “FEAR” was my very first MYERS. Wish I never sold it. You have a very nice copy. Mike :smiley:

I don’t know what it is about the Fear mask that I love so much, but, I do love it!

MAN those pics make me wish I’d kept mine. Fantastic copy! :rock:

That is a killer copy you have there…Dean

One of my favorite masks man, and you have a very, very nice copy. :rock:


Great pics man the FEAR is a great mask!

That is a killer copy bro