The Collection June 2010

I get a kick out of seeing your collection shots Jon. :smiley:
puts me in the mood to produce a few of my own.

Awesome. I love your Don Post Sargoth cobra mask! :rock:

Most excellent Jon! Very sweet collection. That deserves a Buttershot! :drinkers:

Sweet Jon, a sweeeeeeet collection for sure :rock: !


Top notch collection there, with some fantastic pieces. Thanks for sharing!

Love the BH :sunglasses:
and that Black 7… :rock: :rock:

Awesome collection!!!

Sweet collection, love the Mad Doctor.

whats with the blurs?

Some serious pieces in that collection, thanks for sharing Jon.

He’s hiding what looks to be a Ferbie or a gremlin lolol

Collection is lookin good jon, great pics! The only thing that doesn’t fit in is that orange pumpkin mask…and since I’m such a nice guy, I guess I’ll let you sell it to me.

Awesome pics Jon wonderful collection

Awesome collection! love your 75 kirk!! :rock:

wow some sweet scores there bro

Awesome collection Jon!! That black 7 is amazing.

You have some great masks Jon.

Now that is some killer latex.

impressive, most impressive.

what h3 skull is that? I have seen a few with that paint job and I have to say I love it. is it a DP variant or another maker?