The Michael Myers Official Merchandise Thread.

After seeing some new and very strange official michael myers merchandise, I thought it would be very interesting to start a picture and info thread of what was and is still available. It would be awsome if people could post a picture and a bit of origin info & original + present pricing etc…We need to make sure we check the older post’s so we dont get loads of repeat’s…Im @ work at the moment and will post some myself when I get home…Post away, I can’t wait to see what was produced.

Very good idea.

This is a huge project, probably way too excessive for a thread. Someone should talk to the mods about starting an official merchandise picture/description/review gallery. User maintained, with review from mods of course, kind of like a wiki. I have a lot of stuff I would write about and submit photos for.

We can make a start, surely the posts could be moved if needed…I have only just finished a 13 hour shift but will post tomorrow for sure.

Here are some of the items I have in my collection. ( I will update with prices etc in the morning )

That last pic above with the big and little Michael, the tomb stone says oct. 31st 1965, but wasn’t it really 1963?
anyways i like the idea of this thread

well i have 4 official masks!
there is the don post 08 with moulded hair that i altered lol:

don post 2003 that i altered! this would prob look decent with a repaint and rehair:

don post 2006 that i altered:

finally the cinema secrets h8 eco that i altered! by far the best mass produced official mask i own:

thats all the official stuff i got lol! :slight_smile:

Kiss that Trancas ass.

:laughing: true that! :laughing: