The Original DW/KH ad as featured on DW's site!

I’ve had this ad saved in a scrapbook since this mask was released wayyyy back in '02.
Once Dick told me that it was up on his website, I immediately printed it off and kept it for nostagic reasons, never thinking how big the DW/KH mask was to become.
Well, here it is to those interested. Hope you guys like it. :sunglasses:

Very cool!!


Christ, $300. I wish I was collecting in 2002.

I wish these were still $300. :frowning:

$300…I can’t believe it… That time machine sounds like a good idea now

Andrew I owe you SEVERAL pints (Colin said he would be MORE than glad to pay the bill), I’ve been wanting this forever but guessed there was slim to zero chance of obtaining it. Thanks man!!! :drinkers:

Ha!!Was thinking the same thing right away,brother :open_mouth: Man,oh man.

This was a great post,Andrew!!VERY,VERY COOL!!Thanks :smiley:

i keep trying to click the “buy it” button! :laughing:

Thanks for posting this Andrew

If only you could still hit the “clicke here” option…I tried but nothing happened :frowning: LoL…Thats awesome though…Thanks for teasing us gosh LoL…Later guys

Looking at this makes me want to cry…

Very cool Andrew.Wow $300 for a KH…thanks for posting.

Geez $300! What I would give for that!

True enough. Even back then, $300 wasn’t that bad. Can’t believe they are worth so much today.
Awesome collectible, Andrew! Thanks for sharing!

Very Cool, thanx for sharing man. :supz: :supz: :supz:

Does anyone else wish they could still “click here to order?”

Where was this advertised?

i had 2 kh dws back in the day i bought one for 200 second hand and the other i traded a cgp trick or treat for :open_mouth: so at one point these were very affordable i kick myself everyday for not holding on to them…tommy

SOOOO cool, thx for sharing!!! What was/is KH’s domain?

Thats awsome as hell… Dean

wow 200 and traded one for a trick or treat.I would be absolutely sick now about that trade.