Well guy’s i’d just like to say im now the very proud and official owner of the first ever pull destroyer and wanted to share it with you all because i know most of you have been really digging these things, and i can see why its truly amazing especially in person the detailing is superb and love the overall colour of the finish and the pull is not too thick but firm and holds its shape well, i’ll be doing some worn shots soon but heres some quick pics for now, Enjoy guy’s :smiley:


Its good to see him again. Im really attached to these for some reason, everytime I box one up it kills me. :cry: happy to know he will be taken care of. Congrats and enjoy!

what a sweet piece. incredible and awesome. love how you did the hair. Congratulations on the proto #1.


WOW! looks straight off the set! congrats!

Congrats again on that score Anthony, looks good man! I can’t wait to see the h2 destroyers.

just wanna say a big thanks to all of you for the kind words on this one it means a lot to me :smiley: and russ you do one hell of a job on these keep em coming brotha :wink: and thanks jimi man appreciate your compliment bro :wink: :smiley:

Sweet, I just finished one up today and started another.

I’m really pleased that you received it ok, and i’m glad you like it :smiley: Really nice dealing with you again.

Likewise my good man it was a pleasure dealing with you again and hope too again in the future,many thanks paul :wink:

Hi man, great buy !!! i am jealous !!! i paid Paul for this before you but sadly he couldnt get the cash at Moneygram office so he sold you !!!damn…you lucky guy :slight_smile: !!!_

lOOKS AWESOME! Cant wait to see it worn! Congrats.

get some worn shots up! lookin foward to seeing one in person

A very big congrats to you. I simply cannot wait to raise the funds for a destroyer of my very own :smiley: And once again CONGRATULATIONS

havent been on the board in a few months so.
whats the difference between destroyer and a buried?

btw the mask is wicked

but curious as to the differences if any

I gotta say - the Buried, Destroyer, Unearthed, etc. - I have trouble telling them apart lots of the time because they are all great representations of the screen used mask in their own special ways. Great copy, really dig that hair! :drinkers:

Thanks guys for all your compliments very much appreciated :wink: :smiley: now with regards to differences between BURIED&DESTROYER the most obvious thing for me is the eyecuts are not as rounded and have a slightly different shape some of the detailing in the rot is a little more subtle and the little colours here and there also vary from a Buried and the pull is very firm and holds its shape perfectly now i dont know if some burieds are the same put my personal buried folds very easily and the thickness is pretty similar so,and another thing IMO is the destroyer have more of a screen used feel about it to me hope this helps.Thanks again fella’s for your kind words :smiley:

The differences are pretty noticeable between the two masks. Mainly in the size of everything and the sculpts’ are completely different as well.

Very true scott,on the whole thats exactly right its the size of everything if you put the two side by side the differences are unmistakeable,i was being pretty specific in my explanation of what my opinion was in differences between them :wink:

I wasn’t commenting on your explanation of things but rather just making a comment to a different member. :sunglasses: