The Quintuplets - Project COMPLETE - Pics Page 2

Oh, Christ, doc…

Cool. What mask is this?

These are Kirk masks I believe.


Guessing these are all TOTS in progress.

They are. I just liked the look of them all lined up.

The man-bun-Michaels are ready for paint.

Lookin’ great :rock: :myers:

Nice to see kirks. Wonder why lol. Looks awesome

Cool. What size are the tots Kirk’s?

Thanks for the compliments, fellas. I’m slapping some paint on them right now.

They are somewhat large by my standards, but my head is small. I’d say they’re about 24-24.5.

Got the flesh on em.

They are looking good!

Thanks man. Yeah… I’d say they’re big as well. For me a 23 is perfect. Anything else is to big.

Well this is how far we got on one of them tonight before we got a little too buzzed and almost pulled a John Carpenter circa 1981 at the typewriter (i.e., laid it on a little thick). This is of course without weathering. I think I’m so close and can already see exactly where I need to improve, so I expect even better results for the remaining four. Blending of the neck in particular is an area that needs work and I think I know what to do next. Sorry for the piss poor incandescent lighting. There will be better lighting when the progress is more worthy. Specific tips welcomed and encouraged.

Very nice :rock:

doing good!

How are u painting them. ???

I use sponge. I’ve never liked an airbrush. I feel I have more control with a sponge and it helps to build up visible layers. Haven’t done anything else to it since the last pic, but snapped a quick pic outside before losing the daylight. If you can’t tell, I’m going for the closet scene look when The Shape sneaks up behind Laurie. Appreciate everyone’s encouragement.

It looks good. Yah sponge will give it that paste look. Is what u would want. Like in h1 paint was fading to make it look weathered. Just don’t do think coats. It will start to crack. But so did the original lol.