The Return of the CREEP...

Been a while since I posted on my favorite site. Just wanted to share my first score of 2020 and got him for a great price!
It’s always met all my expectations as an H1 OR H2 the CREEP is so versatile. Justin really scored a home run with these I hope to never part with it again.
On with the pics!!

A true classic right there Ish. Wow! :rock: Congrats man! :pumpkin:

The creep still remains one of the top Myers masks!

I love the Creep. One of the staples in my collection

WOW! Really awesome pics!

The Creep really is an awesome mask and that is a stellar copy :jack_o_lantern:

Thanks a bunch guys! It’s just an all around solid mask it will always be one of my faves. :drinkers: