The station wagon off to the side of the hedge scene

I may be blind but I never noticed the station wagon was off to the side in the hedge scene. Cool!

Wow, I never noticed that either. :frowning:

Sharp eye! Never noticed that either. Thinking about it perhaps thats why Laurie says to Annie something like “look over there, behind the hedge the guy you shouted at, the one who was driving so fast”. Maybe she saw the car parked across the street and put two and two together. Or maybe im reading way too much into this and need to get out more lol

Well I’ll be damned.


all I can see is a box w/ red X in corner that says image…what am I doing wrong here???

I never noticed that…and look at how the leaves are only in one spot. :laughing:

Well I’ll be damned. Never saw that before and I’ve watched that movie like six thousand times.

Wow great eyes! I never ever noticed that either. 6 millions views and counting and still never noticed ti!!! :laughing:

Nice man! I never noticed it either. How cool is it that 32 years later “WE” are still finding stuff like this? :rock:

VERY cool Chanman!

-Big D

Good eye… I’ve seen the movie a trillion and one times and still have never noticed that.


these are things i actually always looked fori actually noticed this a while back…and when she is first walking with tommy doyle when he runs up to her…with the main road wayyyy in the back…its for a second but thats deff the station wagon driving by

:open_mouth: Wow, thanks for the wink, never noticed that before!

Yea, I never noticed that either, great eye man. :supz:
But it does make sense though…cuz after a long night of watching the Myers house ( which was supposed to be just a few houses down ), Loomis all of a sudden notices the station wagon parked just a few houses down from when Michael followed Annie to the Wallaces. :laughing:
So I wonder if thats where it was parked after the scene was shot?

Always nice finding something new about the classic! :rock: