Theyre here! Both h1 and h2 shape suits

I will begin fulfilling orders next week in the order received!

Very very happy with them both!

This community is so fortunate to have you around, dude, I hope everyone realizes that.

Love what you’re doing.

On a side note:

I’m coming into a H1SM and a H2SM soon. I really really want these suits. Gah.

Impressive work

thanks guys. it’s a labor of love,

this WILL probably be the only h2 run of suits I do.

I’ll be shifting focus on 2 new coverall projects for 2023.

If you want a h2, don’t wait!


What size does h1 come in? I’m built like Sasquatch :joy:. These things are awesome man. We are grateful for what you do!

I added a size on the larger end!

these go up to size 54 in both h1 and h2.

p.s. smaller sizes are almost sold out for both in 40-44