This is Amazing....

I know this will prob get deleted like my other post and someone elses did and Idk when its just a mask but I wanted to show this caz its unreal looking…

Screams Hero

Wow that’s a sweet Buried I like how DT is painting them these days. :rock:


Movie Mask

Russell did an amazing job on this. Its not a buried either… its the TYLER MANE signature mask by Russell Lewis.

Oops sorry :blush: It still looks good. I got confused because the post didn’t say what it was and it looks a lot like a Buried with different hair. Still a great pick up though congratulations :rock:

:sunglasses: No prob bro :wink: To me it looks like a step down from what I have honestly. I am waiting patiently for what the Artifact brings to the table :mrgreen: And from what I’ve heard It will be “the” RZ mask to own :rock: :supz:

Destroyer Mane looks good but I will take this buried over it any day. Look at the pic with the two heros. The buzznet looks so much closer to thornedsamhains first pic than any shot of the destroyer.

I didnt mean to start anything. Im not gonna lie thats the best copy of the buried ive ever seen. I own 3 burieds and love them all! I want a destroyer there is a comparison shot to the buried w this mask somewhere and they look totally different. Im gonna try and find it. Along w the comparison shot to the hero.

Found them! This is not knocking any mask in anyway i just wanted to show you guys the comparison shots! I always think this is cool!

Hero comparison:

Buzznet comparison:

My Buzznet:

Yeah,nothing can beat the early run Burieds imo,and i knew it was gonna take something special to beat it’ this new Destroyer hasn’t quite managed it unfortunately and has made me realise just how special my Buried really is,its going to the grave for sure :smiley:

who gave you these photos?

Yea the early run burieds are the best ones when the paint but those that have one are lucky the new ones the paint started to slack off and look to bland the older ones have alot of detail!

I think what the problem is every reference shot we have could be a different mask there were multiple masks. I know only one was used for most of the film but it looks different everytime i see it. I appreciate all the masks regardless!! They are all great masks!! I love the amount we have to choose from! Thats what makes this hobby fun!!

I support all artists and all their masks. Of course there will always be good and bad copies sometimes you just get burnt out. I would like to see more pix of the new Destroyer with a real high end camera to capture the detail on what i could look like. Anyways since everyone is posting their masks I figured I would share my baby.

Right on bro! I agree with you. Thats one bad ass mask. Who do I need to get in contact with in order to get a mask like yours??? :slight_smile:

I personally think the Destroyer looks great. I believe Russell’s work is always top notch…so there is no reason to compare this to the Buried. It just causes arguments. Good job, Russell! :rock:

I thought it was rude to high jack a Destroyer thread with a Buried just bc people dont like the Destroyer.

i dont get it bc people dont like the Destryoyer u mean buried?

I know i wasnt on really all summer i was really busy but I dont get why all this hating is going on?

Just stop, please just stop >.> U bashed the Destoryer in this thread by posting a Buried… yet u wanted to buy a destroyer.
Ur not the only one Thornedsamhain is also under the spot light.