This summer, terror won't be taking a vacation [H20 TRIO]

Recently finished the H20 Stan Winston mask to complete my H20 Trio, which includes the Winston, the KNB, and the H6/H20 mask. These are TOTS rehauls with reworked eyecuts and new hair and paint.




Dude, you did a killer job. Very cool

Thank you!

Yeah they look great man and I really love the h6 I’ve never seen a replica of that one. That’s sweet as hell dude

You’ve never seen a replica of an H6 mask?

Not as the h20 style no… only as h6 style

Thanks, Colin. The H6 was a bad pull from TOTS - very bumpy and warped - so to save it, I built up layers of latex and Plastidip to cover up the imperfections and also smooth out the features to give it the look of the unused prototype that was a retooled H6. Then I painted and haired it to look like what we see on screen during the opening, so it’s sort of a hybrid of the screenused H6 and unused prototype.

You done a excellent job on these.

IMO it really helped give it that smoother look we see in the opening. Really does look like it.

I appreciate that! It was sort of done on a whim to save the bad pull but I like how it turned out.

Thank you!